SEFEC’S Engineering will manage its activities to continuously improve its Health and Safety Performance in conformance with OHSAS 18000.

It is the policy of SEFEC Engineering to carry out its operation in such a manner as to ensure the health, safety and welfare of its employees, and others (including Visitors, Contractors, and the Public) who may be affected by its operations.

SEFEC’S shall ensure, as far as it reasonably practicable, that this will achieved by the following.

SEFEC Engineering will achieve its objectives for occupational health and safety as set out in health and safety Improvement Plan.

The responsibilities of employees from the managing director to employees in general are detailed in the health and safety manual. SEFEC expect those who have been given duties to implement this policy will discharge them diligently.

Health and safety policy statement shall be displayed at all SEFEC’s working locations.

Taking into account changing business and regulatory needs. The policy review shall take place as a management review activity and as part of the internal audit schedule.