FFC 1100 TPD Urea Plant - Goth Machi - Punjab
Scope - Erection of Fired Heaters, Furnaces, Waste Heat Boilers, etc. for 1100 TPD Urea Fertilizer Plant. Heavy Lift include erection of 150 tons. Heat Recovery Module for Aux. Boiler at 32 mtr. Elevation.

Pak American Fertilizer Expansion – Mianwali
Scope - Erection of Steel Structures, Primary and Secondary Reformers, Double Walled Ammonia Storage Tanks, Cone Roof Tanks, Etc. At 600 Tons/Day Ammonia and 1050 Tons/Day Urea Plants of Pak-American Fertilizers Limited, a subsidiary of NFC

BASF – Karachi
Scope - Fabrication & erection of Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel Piping, Structure, Pressure Vessels, Reactors & Heat Exchangers for BASF Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd .