Every company has a history and SEFEC is no exception. History, as we know, is a story or a sequence of events told or written about.

SEFEC’s history is a story of three persons Mr.Pervaiz Naime, Mr.Muhammad Shah Abadi and Miss. Sayeeda Nighat, who dedicated much of their lives to making one business become a success story.

These three persons submerged themselves in learning – learning from people, from books, academic, and mostly from experience. They have many years of construction experience.


SEFEC Engineering was established in 1982 in the name of Sindh Engineering Fabrication And Erection Corporation Private Limited and afterwards become SEFEC Engineering Private Limited; primarily it started with humble beginnings – minimal equipment and resources – and a dream. Today, SEFEC employs nearly 100 employees on permanent status and its customer list is steadily growing. They have completed projects all across the Pakistan, specializing in “single-source construction” for the industrial community. SEFEC is now a multi-million rupees a year corporation.

This construction company is owned by persons who know what is important in business today. They understand that the right person with ethical character is a key to a job well done.

The respect Mr.Pervaiz Naime and Mr. Muhammad Shah Abadi have earned from the employees and community does not go unnoticed. These two leaders have persevered through not only economic downturns, but through administration changes. Standing the test of time, SEFEC proves to be unequaled in it’s leadership.

A main part of SEFEC leadership is its working superintendents. They continued a legacy of fairness and quality work to transform a small company into one of the medium, most successful construction firms in the region. The company flourishes by the values they hold in their relationships.

Awards are not uncommon to SEFEC, SEFEC has received awards on many projects such as Bestway Cement Project, Sawan Gas Field and Saba Power Project and more.

SEFEC Engineering promotes teamwork as a building block for all projects. This ensures trust, respect, fair dealing, effective communication and an open approach with all involved with the project, and above all meet the needs and expectations of the client. We have gained respect and support of many majors name in the Oil & Gas, Fertilizer, Chemical process, and Construction Industries.