SEFEC Engineering (Private) Limited is provider of Design, Fabrication, Erection and Maintenance services for Industrial Plants and Equipment with strong presence in broad range of country backbone industrial sectors.

We shall prove our dedication to quality excellence through:

  • Consistently meeting or exceeding customer requirements for product quality, support, performance and safety including applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

  • Making continual improvement and perpetual business innovation an integral part of our processes and quality management system through team participation and measurements in order to achieve sustainable business growth.

  • Efficient control of time and cost management during entire project life cycle.
  • Deploying effective arrangements to enhance customer satisfaction and to make SEFEC totally customer driven organization.

  • Meeting or Exceeding Customer Requirement

  • Continual Improvement & Perpetual Business Improvement

  • Efficient Controls

  • Deployment of Effective Arrangement

    Procurement Policy

    SEFEC Engineering offers a significant advantage to its clients all over the Pakistan through the utilization of an integrated engineering, procurement, construction and construction management approach to all its projects, be they big or small.

    Using consistent work processes and custom-tailored advanced systems, our seasoned procurement professionals provide the following services to ensure that all clients receive maximum value and quality while maintaining schedule and functionality:

  • Material And Equipment Purchasing

  • Subcontract Formulation

  • Expediting

  • Material Management

  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control

  • Vendor Data Control

  • Transportation Logistics

  • Warehouse Management